Customer Experience Solutions

ADI’s Person to Person Quality division offers clients a range of services that provide insight into the customer experience. Our clients are banks, credit unions, financial advisers, auto dealers, and membership organizations.

The ability to deliver an engaging and satisfying customer experience is a key competitive battleground today. Customers have dynamic interactions with clients and share their impressions freely. What if these impressions slip out of control? What if customers conclude that your transaction process is too complicated, takes too long, or lacks a way to get necessary buying information? Failure to produce a satisfying customer experience might mean that your once growing business is only a few clicks from falling behind. Instead of developing new markets, you are forced to play catch-up on market share and profitability.

As a competitor in the customer experience contest you have three choices:

  1. Mine the same information sources your customers have;
  2. Create your own steady stream of customized information on the strength of their customers’ experiences; or
  3. Do both.

Our clients choose Person to Person Quality because it provides the information they need when they need it.

Person to Person Quality provides information and insight about the customer experience you deliver through mystery shopping, call-back programs, in-depth Interviews, and surveys. It also provides deep insight through analyses of the key factors in your customers’ buying decisions and helps you recognize real return on those customers.

For more information about Person to Person Quality please visit Or, contact Mike Mitchell (; 703.535.3983) .