Over the years, Person to Person Quality and our clients have come up with some creative ideas for collecting market intelligence that is vital to the success of our clients’ businesses. Our clients know that if they have an idea, they can bring it to us and we will help them develop and execute it, and deliver actionable results in a timely manner.

Here are just a few examples:

Healthcare products client trying to get retailer’s attention

A health care products client wanted to get its goods on the shelves of a major retailer. The company knew anecdotally its customers were asking about its products when they visited the retailer’s stores, but needed some proof to bring to the retailer’s buyers. Person to Person Quality℠ telephoned 200 of the retailer’s stores over a two-week period and asked a few key questions of employees working in the department where its products should have been sold. Store employees confirmed they had received many inquiries about our client’s products. We prepared these findings for presentation to the retailer, which led to a contract with our client to sell its products in the stores. The result was $2 million in new revenues for our client in the first year alone.

Luxury automaker needs competitive research on service department offerings

A well-known luxury automaker wanted to compare service department offerings, maintenance schedules, and costs between its own network of dealerships and one of its major competitors. Person to Person Quality℠ designed a telephone mystery shopping program in which evaluators posed as vehicle owners calling the dealerships’ service departments to collect information. We completed 400 phone calls in two weeks, and a detailed written report on the results was delivered to the client.

Franchisor needs honest feedback from its franchisees

A franchisor wanted to collect honest feedback from franchisees about how supportive and effective they perceive management to be in giving franchisees the tools they need to succeed. Our trained evaluators called several dozen franchisees role-playing as someone considering buying a franchise, and asked questions about their current franchise owners’ experience with management. The client used this honest feedback to identify ways to improve the franchisor/franchisee relationship.

Leading auto insurer needs competitive analysis of online rate quote experiences

One of the country’s largest insurance companies wanted to collect feedback about its online auto insurance quote-generating tool from real consumers and compare their experience to that of its competitors. The client also wanted to collect rate-quote data to help refine its own actuarial processes. Person to Person Quality℠ recruited 800 consumers from across the country to go through the process of getting an online quote from both our client and one other insurer. Our evaluators completed a mystery shop questionnaire about each experience, submitted copies of their rate quotes, and then completed a survey providing head-to-head feedback on the two insurers. The client received a comprehensive report that accomplished multiple objectives in about eight weeks from start to finish.

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