Person to Person Quality is a leading provider of market research and consulting services to banks and credit unions.  We have worked with dozens of financial institutions to help them create a competitive advantage in sales and service quality, customer loyalty, and employee development.  We manage mystery shopping programs, call-back programs, surveys, and custom research projects for financial services companies.  Our clients are leaders in their markets in customer service and employee performance.

Our Mystery Shopping programs provide valuable intelligence on the customer interactions occurring on the frontlines of banking sales and service channels – by phone, online, and in the branch.  Programs are custom-designed to uncover the strengths and weaknesses in employee performance and the customer experience.  The result is a valuable tool for sales and service employee training and development, competitive analysis, and evaluating compliance with company policies, industry regulations and best practices – all of which help our clients become more profitable and create long-term value.

Paying close attention to the voice of your customers, employees, and other important groups is critical to your organization’s success.  Our web-based and telephone Surveys can be used to find out what happened in a recent interaction with your organization, to measure customer satisfaction, and gauge the loyalty of your customer relationships (i.e. Net Promoter Score®).  Surveys are most effective when conducted by an experienced and unbiased third-party.  Person to Person Quality can handle all of your survey needs across multiple channels.

  • Platform Shops
  • Universal Banker Shops
  • Teller Shops
  • Phone Shops
  • Customer & Employee Surveys
  • Onboarding Tracking

Person to Person Quality is a member of the Virginia Bankers Association

Virginia Bankers Association