Person to Person Quality designs and manages Mystery Shopping programs that evaluate the Customer Experience with all insurance sales and service distribution channels – from call centers and websites, to community meetings and retail kiosks, to one-on-one meetings with agents at the kitchen table. We have extensive experience mystery shopping Medicare, Life, Auto, Major Medical, Long-Term Care, and Dental insurance agents, websites and call centers.

Our research helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses in the people, processes, and presentations that you depend on to educate prospective customers, enroll them in your plans, and keep them satisfied.  We enhance the value of our mystery shopping programs with in-depth analysis of the shop data, providing valuable insights for insurance product managers, sales and operations managers, and market research personnel, among others. 

Our mystery shopping programs help Insurance industry clients accomplish the following objectives:

  • Assess the efficiency and responsiveness of sales distribution channels
  • Evaluate the performance of insurance call centers on service quality, product presentation, and sales performance.
  • Measure the customer experience, effort and satisfaction levels with telesales, online and face-to-face agent interactions.
  • Monitor agent compliance with laws, company policies, and industry best practices, including (in the case of Medicare plans) CMS regulations and guidelines.

Person to Person Quality℠ evaluates the performance of every distribution channel used by our Insurance clients, including the following:

  • Call center telesales agents
  • Face-to-face meetings with local field agents
  • Community meetings/seminars
  • Retail kiosks during open enrollment periods
  • Online Inquiries and Live Chats