Person to Person Quality℠ has designed and managed Mystery Shopping programs and Competitor Analysis Studies for rental car companies, travel websites, travel agencies, and hotels.  We have collected valuable data for our travel industry clients on the Customer Experience with several travel service distribution channels, including phone, web, and brick-and-mortar.

Along the way, we have gained a lot of insight into what drives Customer Satisfaction with travel service providers.  It is not always just about pricing!  Ease of use, amount of effort required, multi-channel accessibility, and communication quality are all key factors that impact the Customer Experience and your customers’ likelihood to use and recommend your travel services.

Our Mystery Shopping programs help travel service providers identify the strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of the Customer Experience, resulting in a valuable tool for improving service delivery and employee performance.

Our Survey programs for travel service providers give you head-to-head feedback on how your customers perceive you relative to your competitors, and insight into the different value propositions that exist among your various customer segments.

Case Study: Customer Satisfaction with Car Rental Reservations Hurt by Communication Issues


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