ADI is well into its second decade of serving clients throughout the United States. ADI owes this staying power to the talents, qualities, and values of its employees. They are the source for the principles and standards by which how we conduct ourselves and – ultimately – for the success we achieve.

These principles and standards are:


We do the right thing for our clients, our colleagues, and our company. When we say we will do something, we do it – or go above and beyond trying to do it. If we make a mistake, we acknowledge that mistake and fix it – or go above and beyond trying to fix it.


The more challenging one’s task, the greater the demand for good ideas. We strive to look at each task as a new opportunity to listen carefully to clients, to understand how others have addressed situations, to think carefully about each set of circumstances, and to bring all we have learned to design and implement the best solution. We welcome new ideas from all sources.


Well over half of our professional staff has advanced degrees, yet that is only a starting point for learning. We strive to improve continuously our expertise and performance. We learn from each engagement, building on our experience to provide more innovative and thoughtful solutions to each client requirement.


We conduct ourselves so that we increase the trust our colleagues and clients have in us. This means we deliver high-quality work, on time. The work we do often addresses complicated business challenges. Our clients should expect us to put forth our best effort and to deliver a product that is at least commensurate with their expectations.

ADI keeps an eye on the long term. We consider ourselves most successful when we develop long-term client relationships. We strive to find the right solution and to deliver it in a manner that demonstrates our integrity, openness, and learning. Our goal is to have each current client with us ten years from now and achieving that goal is more important than in maximizing fees during the next few months.

The best way to achieve this goal, however, is to develop and maintain a relationship in which our clients trust us. We have clients who have been with us since before the creation of ADI and employees who have been with us nearly as long.

We owe much to our clients, who have accepted our approach and recognized the value we deliver. Our clients provide essential goods and services to millions of consumers. It is a privilege for ADI to serve these clients and, through them, to help serve so many people.