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HMDA Huddle 9 – Q&As for Tackling the Intricacies of HMDA

Happy New Year, HMDA Huddlers! It’s time to review the past year’s LAR and ensure that you’re ready to submit the cleanest data possible by March 1, 2024. ADI is here to answer some of the tricky questions you may encounter in your preparations. In this issue, we answer questions about information gathering to avoid […]


Redlining Enforcement Ramp Up: Prepare Now

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced recently that through its “Combatting Redlining Initiative,” it has secured more than $107 million in relief for communities nationwide experiencing lending discrimination. Attorney General Merrick Garland declared, “This work is just the beginning – the Justice Department currently has over two dozen active investigations into redlining, spanning neighborhoods […]

HMDA Huddle 8 – Q&As for Tackling the Intricacies of HMDA

Welcome to our redesigned HMDA Huddle. We’ve given our quarterly look at lenders’ HMDA challenges a new look and added resources for those who want to take an even deeper dive. In this issue, we answer questions about rate spread calculations; abandoned applications, policy considerations, and counteroffer challenges. Click through to check out the latest […]

Four Common HMDA Reporting Errors: 2023 Edition

HMDA: Lenders’ Favorite Mistakes Welcome to ADI’s 2023 edition of “Four Common HMDA Reporting Errors.” Though the 2015 HMDA Final Rule has been in effect for years, lenders continue to make errors when satisfying reporting requirements under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). Therefore, we will continue to compile and share some especially prevalent ones, […]

HMDA Huddle 7 – Q&As for Tackling the Intricacies of HMDA

The 2023 HMDA reporting season is halfway over, and by July 31, 2023, it will be time to finalize the data for all second-quarter reportable applications. ADI Consulting’s July 2023 edition of HMDA Huddle has tips for reporting “Other” Reasons for Denial; coding for high-cost loans (HOEPA), and advice for getting Action Taken Dates on […]

Section 1071: Prepare Now for Small Business Reporting Rule

Now that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has released its Final Rule implementing reporting requirements for small business lending, it’s time to start preparing for this sweeping new set of requirements. Under the rule, lenders will collect and report information about the small business credit applications they receive, including geographic and demographic data, lending […]

HMDA Huddle 6 – Q&As for Tackling the Intricacies of HMDA

The 2023 HMDA reporting season is well under way. It’s a great time to tackle the issues you addressed for your most recent filing, and get your HMDA team to understand the exact details needed to produce the cleanest possible LAR. ADI is here for you with the April 2023 edition of HMDA Huddle. In […]

HMDA Huddle 5 – Q&As for Tackling the Intricacies of HMDA

Welcome to the final HMDA Huddle before the 2022 HMDA LAR submission deadline on March 1, 2023. Is your data ready? If you still have questions, the clock is ticking but it’s not too late. Here and in our earlier issues, we give you answers to the details you may have missed while checking and […]

HMDA Huddle 4 – Q&As for Tackling the Intricacies of HMDA

Welcome to the fourth quarter! If you haven’t been keeping your LAR spotless, you’re almost out of time to ensure an accurate HMDA LAR for 2022. Will your submission pass the test? Are your loan officers making the right choices when entering data? Are your systems in sync? Click through to check out this quarter’s Huddle. […]

HMDA Huddle 3 – Q&As for Tackling the Intricacies of HMDA

Welcome back to ADI’s quarterly Q&A series, HMDA Huddle. With the third quarter of 2022 ending and the end of the year approaching, it’s critical to keep a strong focus on HMDA compliance. Lenders should continue to sharpen procedures and monitor the accuracy of all year-to-date LAR recordings. If you let this process slip earlier […]