Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

Our team of compliance consultants will deliver a comprehensive solution to support your bank’s CRA compliance needs. Whether you are preparing for an upcoming exam or implementing an ongoing program to monitor risk, ADI will implement a customized approach to achieve your CRA compliance objectives.

ADI will apply the appropriate analytical scope for your institution’s size, product mix and footprint, including:

  • Describing each assessment area’s performance context based on demographic/socioeconomic characteristics, peer activity, real estate trends and community contact insights;
  • Mapping your branch footprint and LMI loan activity;
  • Evaluating the loan-to-deposit ratio and deposit share;
  • Comparing your performance with lending inside and outside of your assessment areas;
  • Surveying community leaders in each assessment area to learn perceptions of your efforts related to lending, investing, and serving all parts of each assessment area; and
  • Assessing your institution’s investments and service availability within your assessment areas


Answer Critical Questions Regarding Your CRA Compliance Program

2014 CRA Map - KC Central CityHow closely does your mortgage, small business and farm lending performance:

  • Track the distribution of low- and moderate-income census tracts and borrowers?
  • Compare with peers’ performance in your assessment areas?

For low- and moderate-income borrowers in your assessment areas:

  • What are the unique needs of borrowers in these groups?
  • Have you conducted a needs assessment?
  • Is there real and realizable opportunity for you to increase lending in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods?

What other demographic trends may have future implications for your institution’s compliance?

Where and how can you upgrade your branch and advertising footprint to improve CRA performance?

ADI will deliver a CRA solution that will be tailored to the unique needs of your business model. This solution will be designed to deliver the answers you need to important questions about your current compliance performance.