Happy New Year, HMDA Huddlers! It’s time to review the past year’s LAR and ensure that you’re ready to submit the cleanest data possible by March 1, 2024. ADI is here to answer some of the tricky questions you may encounter in your preparations. In this issue, we answer questions about information gathering to avoid Loan Purpose mysteries; common HELOC reporting errors, documentation for adverse action applications, and more. We’ve also added a Lightning Round with some quick HMDA reporting questions to test your knowledge. Click through to check out the latest issue of HMDA Huddle.


With each issue of  HMDA Huddle, we present questions that highlight nuances and misinterpretations of the HMDA guidance and documented answers to those questions.

ADI Consulting assists a wide variety of lenders with HMDA LAR audits and quality control throughout the year, including preparing for standard submissions and resubmissions. To address your organization’s specific HMDA issues, we also offer a customized training course, Building HMDA Skills.

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