A leading provider of breastfeeding support products sells its products at major retailers. The company faces competition in most product lines, and relies heavily on health professionals who work directly with breastfeeding mothers to recommend their products.

Person to Person Quality conducted a series of studies of these health professionals to determine the types and brands of products they most often recommend to breastfeeding mothers for typical breastfeeding challenges and support, as well as how professionals perceive the company in the marketplace. This study has been conducted yearly or bi-yearly since 2007.

“Study Tracks Changes in Consultants’ Product Recommendations”

We first compiled a list of appropriate healthcare professionals from public sources. We then created a baseline questionnaire that allowed us both to categorize responses and to collect additional comments. For subsequent studies, we updated the respondent list and revised the questionnaire to reflect the client’s current needs and industry trends. For each study, our highly-trained interviewers, under the supervision of an experienced project manager, conducted hundreds of in-depth phone interviews, up to 20 minutes in length. We then compiled, categorized and analyzed the data question-by-question and year-over-year to measure attitudes, changes and trends. We compiled results in a comprehensive report and produced a PowerPoint for the client to use with stakeholders. We also presented the study results to the company’s management and executives at their offices.

This series of studies allows the client to optimize and track its outreach efforts in the healthcare provider community and identify the strengths and weaknesses in its product positioning and brand awareness.