Welcome to our redesigned HMDA Huddle. We’ve given our quarterly look at lenders’ HMDA challenges a new look and added resources for those who want to take an even deeper dive. In this issue, we answer questions about rate spread calculations; abandoned applications, policy considerations, and counteroffer challenges. Click through to check out the latest issue of HMDA Huddle.

ADI Consulting assists a wide variety of lender clients with HMDA LAR audits and quality control throughout the year, including preparing for standard submissions and resubmissions. In HMDA Huddle, we present questions that highlight nuances and misinterpretations of the HMDA guidance, and our answers to those questions. Please check back for future installments, and subscribe to ADI Insights to automatically receive updates each quarter.

HMDA Huddle, Q&A Tackling the Intricacies of HMDA