Our Person to Person Quality℠ client was a well-known membership organization that partnered with a national fitness center chain to offer discounted fitness memberships to its members.  Our client wanted to know whether employees at the fitness centers were effectively describing the discount program and its benefits to our client’s members when they telephoned or visited its locations throughout the country.

“Insights Help Client Strengthen Affinity Marketing Message”

We recruited mystery shoppers who were also members of our client’s organization to visit or call hundreds of the partner’s fitness centers and ask about the member discount program.  We discovered that most of the fitness center’s employees were quickly dismissing our client’s discount program and instead trying to sell our shoppers on a “better” discount promotion being offered by the chain.  Many of the retail employees were not even aware of the discount program available through our client.  As a result of this research, our client quickly realized that its discount program was not delivering real or perceived value to its members, and therefore had the potential to damage its brand. With this insight, our client developed a strategy to increase the perceived value of the program.