ADI leverages its business intelligence (BI) tool, ADI Data ConnectSM, to transform a time-consuming, all-day process into an automated task.

Assessing the Challenge

ADI’s Person to Person Quality division manages a customer survey program for a regional bank. Each week, the bank provides a list of its teller transactions and customer accounts. On the day the files are received, staff must download these files, consolidate them into a single Excel report, format the report, and email the set of files to the interviewer who conducts the surveys. Over several years, what started as a limited task grew into a high volume, resource-intensive endeavor.

Designing the Approach

A Senior Consultant with ADI partnered with Person to Person Quality’s Managing Director to map the existing process and explore options. From this effort, they leveraged the extract/transform/load (ETL) capability of ADI Data ConnectSM to replicate the existing process programmatically. Now, upon receipt of the data files from the client, staff simply copies them to a specified directory where ADI Data ConnectSM scans and processes new files.

Implementing the Solution

Implementing this approach created a solution that automated conversion of raw data files into a cleanly formatted report ready to be reviewed and forwarded to the interviewer. The improved process enabled the Managing Director to deliver value to the client relationship in other areas.


About the Author: Jonathon Neil

Jonathon is a Senior Consultant for ADI with expertise in Fair Lending compliance, CRA compliance, data mining, and geographic information systems. You can contact Jonathon at or 703.665.3707.

April 9th, 2015|